Customer service


Individual guest

Onsite account opening (applicable to individual account, joint account and discretionary account)

Type of guest For Your Information
Make an appointment and visit the Hong Kong headquarters of Zhongheng Financial
Address: Room 905, Lee Lam Building, 93-107 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Customer service hotline: +852 3611 8125
Transaction Hotline: +852 3611 8125
Fax: +852 2803 1625
1. To open an account, please prepare the following information:
▲ Original Chinese ID card and passport
▲ Hong Kong bank card held in personal name
▲Proof of mailing address
2. Open an account through Zhongheng Financial online, please (click here), register and open an account, follow the instructions to complete the operation and submit the application.
3. After the account opening approval is passed, the trading account number and password will be sent to the customer by email. The customer service department will also call the customer to inform them that the account has been successfully opened.
4. After the account is successfully opened, the customer can deposit funds.

For enterprise guests

prepare the following documents

File name File name
▲ A copy of company business registration
▲ A copy of company registration certificate
▲ A copy of memorandum and Articles of Association
▲ A copy of the record book of shareholders of the company
▲ A copy of the Register of directors
▲ A copy of the latest annual return
▲ Audit copies of financial statements
▲ Copies of ID cards/passports and proof of address of all shareholders, directors, authorized persons and guarantors (within three months)
▲ Copy of Reference Certificate (Overseas company) (within 6 months)
▲ Copy of Certificate of Existence (Overseas company)
▲ Copy of shareholder registration certificate and company record book (overseas company)
▲ W-8BEN-E form or W-9 Form (if applicable)
▲ Self-certification Form - Entity and/or Self-certification Form - Controller
▲ Guest's Permanent Settlement bank Account Certificate (copy)

* Copies of the above documents must be certified as true by a registered person, justice of the Peace or a professional person such as a chartered accountant or solicitor under the SEC Ordinance