Asset management

  • Private Equity Funds

    Zhong Heng Finance Group raise funds in a private model to institutional investors or professional investors to establish a private fund. Private equity funds are suitable for professional investors who can take higher risks. The term of fund is longer, the investment period is longer and stable, and the investment direction is more targeted.
    Private equity funds are suitable for professional investors who can bear high risks due to their relatively high investment and high potential return.

  • Special account management

    Our investment experts provide guests with exclusive investment advice according to the investment objectives and risk tolerance of guests.
    Our team will make sound risk management and relevant portfolio adjustment in response to the fluctuations of the financial market, so as to maximize the return for clients with limited market risks.
    In a strategy developed by the client and the investment specialist, where the client's money is invested in different categories of investment products,
    Products include: stocks, IPOS, funds, bonds, etc., and make regular adjustments during the investment cycle to achieve long-term and stable income.

  • Set up Funds

    Zhong Heng Proprietary Fund is an offshore independent portfolio company registered in Cayman by China Zhong Heng Finance Group Limited, which can establish independent SP sub-funds. The commercial terms, investment assets, commercial risks and liabilities of the SP sub-fund are independent and do not affect each other.
    An SPC umbrella fund platform can create unlimited SP sub-funds to attract different investors to invest and hold different assets under different fund terms.
    An SPC is usually an open-end fund that investors can move in and out of. After the initial offering, the fund can continue to sell more units to raise more capital and increase the size of the fund.

Family office

We provide trust services in Hong Kong and Singapore in partnership with private banks. Open a family office to provide a full range of financial, tax and family trust planning services to high-end clients with assets of over $30 million.

External asset management

To establish a long-term cooperative trust relationship between the guest and our account manager, there is no need to change the bank or account manager because the account manager leaves.

External Asset Management (EAM) originated in Switzerland and developed in the United States, where it accounts for 40% market share.
The client will open an account in the client's name and place assets in the account using Zhong Heng Finance Group's external asset management. Clients authorize our external asset managers to manage portfolios and asset allocations on their behalf. The client's assets will only remain in a separate account under the client's name and will be managed at the discretion of the EAM.
High net worth clients usually open different private bank accounts to complement each other and get in touch with and communicate with account managers of different banks. The integration of accounts greatly increases the time and opportunity cost of clients. In the EAM mode, guests only need to establish a relationship with their trusted EAM account manager, who will connect with several private banks and be responsible for opening accounts and implementing investment strategies.

The basic operational relationships of an independent asset management EAM

Offshore financial products

Overseas real estate investment focus on dubai, Saipan, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Phnom Penh and other 10 southeast Asian countries and regions of the project, guest interests first, determined to become an excellent fund manager for investors.
And the preferred strategic partner for real estate developers and operators. Real estate investment projects cover commercial operations, hotel entertainment, high-end tourism in one of the large group integrated enterprises and other asset types.

  • Global Fund

    We offer a wide range of global fund programs, investing in different asset classes and offering a choice of money fund units to help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Global Insurance

    Loyalty and trust are at the heart of our business - our success in business depends on building trust partnerships with leading multinational insurance companies and winning the trust of our guests by providing comprehensive solutions.
  • Overseas real estate

    The management team is composed of professional investors with rich experience in real estate investment and operation. It is committed to exploring excellent real estate investment opportunities and investing under the premise of providing sufficient security and risk control through perfect trading schemes.