Customer service


Types of Deposit

To protect the interests of the guest, the guest must make deposits in the following manner:
Guests can choose to make online/telephone/ATM/bank counter service/check deposit to the company. Please make the check deposit payable to "China Zhong Heng Finance Group Limited". (Please note that cheque deposits are not available for purchase or sale until they have been successfully cleared by the bank concerned.

Guests should notify the Company by sending the certificate of deposit to and calling the Company's guest service hotline at (852) 3611 8125 immediately after the deposit. Other telephone numbers of the Company should not be used. The above procedure is very important. If the guest fails to follow the above procedure to notify the Company, the guest shall bear the risk and loss. Deposits received before 4:00pm on working days will be processed on the same day; Deposit calls made after 4:00pm will be processed on the following working day.

Bank of deposit

Bank account of Zhong Heng Finance Group
Name of Account China Zhong Heng Finance Group Limited
Name of Bank Currency Bank Account Number
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Hong Kong dollar 012-918-0-032131-6
RMB 012-918-0-600912-8
US dollar 012-918-0-800774-6
Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) Hong Kong dollar 027-841-102076-0-02
RMB 027-841-102076-0-04
US dollar 027-841-102076-0-01


Guests can call our customer service hotline for withdrawal instructions. Withdrawal instructions received before 11:00am on working days will be processed immediately; Instructions received after 11:00 am will be forwarded to the next working day for processing. After the guest's withdrawal instruction is approved by the relevant department of the company, the company will directly deposit the relevant amount in the form of cheque into the customer's registered bank account.