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Charge standard

Local stock market

Service Charge Note
1. Fees for trading Hong Kong stocks
Commission (telephone) 0.25% value of each transaction Minimum HK$ / RMB 100
Commission (Electronic Transaction) 0.15% value of each transaction Minimum HK$ / RMB 80
Transaction Levy (SFC) 0.0027% value of each transaction -
Transaction fee (HKEX) 0.005% value of each transaction -
Government stamp duty 0.13% value of each transaction Less than $1 will be counted as $1
Settlement fee 0.006% value of each transaction Minimum HK$ / RMB 5
Financial Reporting Council Charge 0.00015% value of each transaction -
2. Fund transaction fees
Subscription fee Maximum charge of 5% -
Conversion fee Maximum charge of 2% -
Redemption fee Free If individual fund companies impose redemption fees, they will be charged on the basis of the year of subscription
Transfer Fee Transferred in: Free
Transfer out: HK $200 per fund
Platform fee Free -
3. Handling of physical stock and delivery services
Transfer paper stamp duty fee Hk $5 per turnover paper -
Physical stock deposit Free -
Physical stock withdrawal HK$/ RMB 6 per lot Minimum HK$/RMB 30
Express physical stock transfer fee Hk $200 per share Another central settlement fee
Settlement involving conversion of beneficial ownership
(physical shares or through central clearing)
0.15% of the value of each transaction Minimum HK$/RMB 100
Stock deposit (through central settlement) Free -
Share Withdrawal (through Central Clearing) HK$/ RMB 5 per lot Minimum HK$/RMB 30
Multiple counter conversion instructions Hk $5 per case -
4. Agent services and company actions
Custody fee Free -
Stock Transfer fee HK$2 per lot -
Collect cash dividends 0.50% of the collection amount and 0.12% of the collection amount of central clearing Minimum HK$/RMB 30
Scrip HK$/RMB 2 for each lot of red shares Minimum HK$/RMB 30
Collecting bonus HK$/RMB 2 for each lot of red shares Minimum HK$/RMB 30
Generation rights issue/warrants HK$/RMB 2 per hand plus HK $0.80 per hand Minimum HK$/RMB 100
Deal with cash acquisition and other cash-related
performance rights and responsibilities
A cash acquisition fee of 0.50% and a company action
fee of HK $0.80 per lot will be charged
Minimum HK$/RMB 100
Stock consolidation/stock split Free -
Claim of dividend handling charges 1% of the recovery amount for each period is subject
to the central settlement fee
Minimum HK$/RMB 500
5. Other services
Stock Quotation Service International plan HK$ 368 per month, China plan HK$ 288 per month The China plan only applies to mainland guests
Replacement statements HK$ 50 per copy (within 1 year)
HK$ 100 per copy (over 1 year)
Closing charge HK$ 500 per case -
Fees for mandatory repurchase of shares Penalty for default: 0.50% of the mandatory repurchase
amount plus the central settlement fee
Minimum HK$/RMB 200
T/T HK$ 350 per case Additional bank charges
Local bank transfer system for payment HK$ 280 per case -
Cancellation fees HK$ 300 per case -
Termination check payment fee HK$ 300 per case -
Cheque guarantee HK$ 250 per case -
Confirmation of account balance HK$ 100 per case -

China Zhong Heng Finance Group Limited reserves the right to change or modify the above terms of service at any time in its sole discretion without prior notice.